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Considering a career change? Have you thought about the medical billing and coding field?

These industries helps millions of medical professionals and patients each year, and offer secure employment.

Medical billers and coders handle the complicated world of insurance claims for healthcare professionals. Without a constant stream of insurance claim revenue, healthcare facilities would quickly stop working. Billers and coders play a vital role in keeping things ticking.

Starting a career in medical billing or coding requires dedication and knowledge. You have to know not only the skills you'll need on-the-job, but the best way to market yourself and find positions. was set up to help you eliminate the uncertainty. We're here to answer the confusing questions you may have, like:

  • Where should I study?
  • Should I get a degree or a certificate?
  • What kind of certificate is right for me?
  • How much should I pay for a course?
  • What kind of job should I focus on getting?
  • How do I get my first job?
  • What can I expect on my journey?
  • What unexpected tasks might the job involve?

You'll find all the answers here. is written by professionals in these industries, who have been there and know what it takes. This site provides you with impartial, well-researched advice and insights gleaned from many, many years of real work experience.

You'll learn everything you need to get (and stay!) ahead in these challenging industries. helps you with...

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