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AllegianceMD has set itself apart from competitors with the marketing tag line The only practice management software using AI, emphasizing this unique feature on nearly every page of their website.

Although AllegianceMD claims to be suited to practices of any size, including entire hospitals, third-party information indicates it is best suited to practices of medium size or smaller, as well as ambulatory surgery centers.

AllegianceMD offers a robust array of state-of-the-art features for medical billing, practice management and EMR in a fully-integrated, web-based service that runs on both Windows and MAC operating systems.


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It is important to note that all of the following features are standard to AllegianceMD and do not involve additional monthly fees beyond the regular subscription, which is based on the number of providers and breadth of functionality needed:

  • Electronic Medical Record: Can integrate with both voice recognition and handwriting applications.

  • E-Prescription: Allows for sending electronic prescriptions to pharmacies, receiving electronic refill requests and electronic generic equivalent medication replacement requests.

  • Evidence-based clinical knowledge: Improve practice outcomes with proactive alerts, IV-compatibility screens, patient-specific dosing, drug product and pricing information, medication instructions for patients, drug summaries and in-depth referential content, drug-drug interaction, allergy-drug interaction, disease-drug interaction, smoking-drug interaction, calculated dose screening and recommendations, multiple dose types — one-time, loading, initial, maintenance, and large-dose extended interval (LDEI) and indications model based on SNOMED-CT concepts/ICD-9.

  • E-Lab: Lab orders are made in the system and are automatically sent to the lab, whether in-house or through an external lab provider; the results are also received automatically and attached to the patient's record, allowing for many fewer errors.

  • E-Fax: You can save lots of paper by sending all faxes electronically through the system, so there's no need to maintain a separate fax machine; faxes may be sent from anywhere with Internet access.

  • Automated Transcriptionist: Transcription, if needed, can occur within the system or via an outside transcriptionist who uploads the document into the system.

  • Advanced Scheduling: The service books 60% of appointments online.

  • Electronic Appointment Reminder: Automatically emails and/or calls patients for appointment reminders within 24 hours of appointment.

  • Patient portal: Patients can input their own demographic information and history.

  • Electronic Statements: Patients can opt for paperless statements; providers can specify how often to generate statements for patients; allows for online payments from patients.

  • Electronic Eligibility: At 72 hours before an appointment, the service checks to make sure the patient's insurance is valid and gives you the details you need about the coverage.

  • Electronic Claims: Electronic claim submission saves time and effort, which saves money.

  • Claim Scrubbing: The service scrubs claims clean based on the latest regulatory updates for claim screening.

  • Electronic Posting/ERA: Each claim involves multiple deductions, payments and other adjustments that can all be handled electronically and automatically, greatly reducing time spent and errors made.

  • Artificial Intelligence: The system is driven with AI, identifying problems and self-correcting as it goes; the system will learn how you do things to help increase efficiecy.

  • Dashboard: Key items organized for easy access.

  • Advanced Reporting: More than 200 report formats from which to choose.

  • HIPAA and security: Fully HIPPA-compliant; claims security encryption exceeds that of online banking; advanced permissions system allows for setting the level of access for each user; data is backed up every hour.

AllegianceMD is ONC-ATCB certified through Drummond, 5010-Ready, ICD-10-Ready, and is rated in the Top 10 medical software services by Software Advice.

As for pricing, it's described as a monthly subscription fee that's less than an average utility bill. It also guarantees the lowest price among comparable competitor packages. Of course, that's after a significant upfront investment, although there is no specific pricing information made available on the website.

They offer both unlimited training and unlimited support.

Unlike other vendors, AllegienceMD doesn't charge additional fees for some of their features.

There are very few customer reviews or discussions on AllegianceMD to be found on the Internet, but the few that do exist generally give very positive comments.

The advantages of AllegianceMD include it being an all-inclusive package integrating medical billing, practice management and EMR/HER that incorporates artificial intelligence for continuous performance improvement.

The main disadvantage is that pricing information is not clear enough to evaluate the cost in comparison to other systems, typically an indication that it is on the more expensive end of the cost spectrum.


AllegianceMD Report Card

(click for an explanation of the grading scale)

Area Grade
Ease of setup, learning curve, user-friendliness A
HIPPA compliance and security measures B
Up-to-date array of robust features A
Can include integrated practice management A
Can include integrated EHR/EMR A
Allows for flexible and advanced reporting B
Training, technical support and maintenance A
Certifications, awards, recommendations and reviews B
Pricing (ease of understanding, transparency, etc.) B

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