Review of Allscripts EHR Software

Allscripts claims to be The Nation's #1 Most Utilized EHR solutions. They offer an integrated suite of web-based services that grows with the number of providers.

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The most basic level, called Allscripts MyWay, is for offices with 1-3 providers. It includes the following features:

  • Patient History

  • Clinical Charting: Add notes as you work and quickly access lab results, images and notes.

  • ePrescribing: Write, send, refill and track prescriptions; access medication histories; look up formularies and check interactions.

  • Lab Orders and Results: Create panels of common test orders; single-click multiple test orders; track incoming results and auto-attach to patient record.

  • Patient Follow-up: Automate routine communications to keep patients informed.

  • Scheduling: Handles cancellations, waiting lists and emergency visits; includes color-coding, overbooking protection, location tracking and more.

  • Patient Demographics: Allows for building complete records that capture all details and integration with clinical and accounting activities of the practice.

  • Accounting: Build a complete audit trail based on coding and services provided.

AllScripts Professional is for practices with 4-40, providers and adds the following features:

  • Physician's Desktop: A single-screen dashboard with all critical functions.

  • Patient Encounter: Quick access to data from previous visits, such as diagnostic tests, to work through assessment and planning to meet patient needs.

  • Health Maintenance: Single-screen access to preventative reminders, pending labs and procedures.

  • Lab and Procedure Orders: Lets you develop of disease-based templates, handle orders in-house, or send to external labs through an easy interface.

  • Medication Management: Alerts for allergies and interactions from Medi-Span database; receive refill requests via the Patient Portal.

  • Referral Network: Simplifies referrals through a large network that patient records can travel through.

  • Single-screen Executive Dashboard for practice management: Includes daily appointments; real-time claims status, aging by insurer, summary of A/R charges; payments; receipts; current A/R; aging by payer; and E&M coding trends.

  • Scheduling & Registration/Check-in: Rules-based engines simplify and centralize scheduling; set appointments across multiple locations; search for first-available; track no-shows; reduce downtime; set multi-source and recurring appointments; activate referral and eligibility indicators; accommodate waitlists, bump lists and walk-ins.

  • Workflow Automation to Staff Preferences: Allows for creation of electronic workspaces for critical functions such as patient appointments, patient flow, claims management, transactions, collections and denials.

  • Claims Management, Charge Entry & Collections: Review/resolve claims issues before submitting; edit claims to meet payer and correct coding standards; handle plans with co-pay exceptions and carve-outs.

    Auto-create refund transactions via patient credit balances; reconcile bank deposits whether cash or co-pays; auto-assess finance charges on outstanding balances.

  • Drill-down Management Reporting: Analyze productivity and financial activity; generate performance summaries and management reports with graphs;

    Sort patients by diagnosis and procedure code; patients by demographic (age, sex, zip codes, etc.); reimbursements by procedure and insurer; no-show appointments; aging of patient statements; total charges by provider; provider coding; provider charges; provider expected vs. scheduled hours;

    A/R by location, provider and insurer; patient-centric ledger reports with chronological transaction history including service and payment history, reimbursement detail, notes, rebilling and collection activity.

  • Data Security & Technical Support: Limits practice financial information access based on department rules; secures file maintenance data by location, service, provider, resource and scheduling;

    Manages records by practice, division, department, physician and more; receive on-going monitoring of server and systems, as well as disaster recovery services; 24/7 access to technical support.

AllScripts Enterprise is for practices with 40+ providers, and adds the following features:

  • Flexible Notes: Offers control over content and style of notes.

  • ePrescribing: Allows for complete drug-drug interaction checks, allergy checking and plan-specific formularies; prescribing and routing prescriptions directly from exam room to patient's preferred pharmacy.

  • Actionable alerts: Rather than just appearing, they send you to where you need to go to resolve the issue, defer it to a worklist or delegate it.

  • History and Physical function: Allows for recording interactions at any depth desired and using whatever preferred methodology, such as check boxes, free text, dictation placeholders, and so on.

  • Input flexibility: Allows for customizing how you view the cart.

  • CareGuides/Integrated Clinical Content: A higher level of fast, safe and accurate diagnosis, documentation, ordering, prescribing and patient education.

  • Plug-In Third-Party Applications/Devices: Allows for integration of many new devices and third-party programs.

  • Allscripts Community Connection: Allows for a complete patient record that can be shared across disparate systems and settings.

  • Additional Features: Add-ons include:

    • Clinical Quality Solution (CQS), which provides in-session and post-session feedback on clinical quality metrics and automated P4P/PQRI reporting
    • StudyManager, a clinical trials manager
    • Allscripts Analytics, a comprehensive reporting application for customizable ad-hoc queries, custom reports and dashboard-tracking of a wide range of clinical and administrative metrics.

AllScripts maintains regulatory compliance with HIPAA, ANSI 5010, ICD-10 and the Red Flag rule.


The MyWay EHR option costs $375/month per full-time provider with an additional $250/month per part-time provider, PA, NP or therapist. The MyWay practice management application costs $225/month per full-time provider with an additional $125/month per part-time provider, PA, NP or therapist.

Pricing information for the Professional and Enterprise levels of Allscripts isn't available from the website.

Concerning reviews, there are several that highlight a number of problems. It should be noted that most reviews give high praise for their e-prescribing application, but other aspects of the system get negative feedback.

Most of the negative comments relate to how long it takes for each task to process and move on to the next screen, greatly inhibiting efficiency.

Other reviews highlight the poor quality of customer and technical support, much of which has been outsourced to India. The result appears to be technical support specialists who lack both the in-depth knowledge of the system and the language skills to effectively communicate and resolve problems.


AllScripts EHR Report Card

(click for an explanation of the grading scale)

Area Grade
Ease of setup, learning curve, user-friendliness C
HIPPA compliance and security measures B
Up-to-date array of robust features A
Can include integrated practice management A
Can include integrated EHR/EMR A
Allows for flexible and advanced reporting B
Training, technical support and maintenance D
Certifications, awards, recommendations and reviews C
Pricing (ease of understanding, transparency, etc.) C

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