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An unbiased look at AMS medical billing software. Find out everything about the packages - are they right for your practice?

AMS, otherwise known as American Medical Systems, Inc, has been in the medical billing and coding business for the better part of the last three decades.

Their practice management system, HorizonMIS, is flexible enough to handle the smallest one-person medical practices up to large, multiple-location practices. Let's have a deeper look...

Three Guideposts

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The HorizonMIS team has three guideposts. These guide them through the development, use, and implementation of their medical billing and practice management software:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved effectiveness
  • Improved profitability.

What exactly does HorizonMIS offer?

HorizonMIS is a network-based medical billing practice management system. In other words it connects all the computers in the office to one smoothly running practice management machine.

These different computer locations all access the Horizon system remotely via the internet. It's possible for multiple computers to be in multiple locations at the same time, all the while retrieving and working with the same data!

Your practice can save money by connecting physically separate locations with HorizonMIS. Some of your staff can save on their daily commutes by working from home or from a remote location.

In addition to the ability to login from anywhere, Horizon runs at a very high speed, without needing expensive DSL servers or long distance charges.

It's been specially designed to run with the Pentium PC processor chip - the software is well suited to fit the specifications of a regular office PC.

The software package itself includes everything a medical practice needs to run smoothly and efficiently:

  • claims and patient billing
  • payment management
  • patient collections
  • patient scheduling and more.

It's also flexible enough to meet the needs of many different types of medical specialties.

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Data Conversion

If you're thinking of switching to the HorizonMIS system, don't worry about not being able to switch your current data.

AMS medical billing software offers a customized conversion once you sign up with them, and can even convert your existing data to work on your new system without the cooperation of your current system.

This means that they'll work with the special needs of your practice to switch over your existing data to fit into your new HorizonMIS network.

But data conversion isn't always necessary. According to the AMS medical billing software team, only a small percentage of new clients choose to convert data electronically because of the high cost and time it takes to convert successfully.

Around 80% of new Horizon clients choose to only transfer patient demographic data, while keeping their old operating system running for a small amount of time to complete patient collections.

Nevertheless, Horizon always offers the conversion package, no matter how long it's been since your office switched from the old to the new systems.

AMS Medical Billing

As well as offering the state of the art Horizon medical billing practice management software, AMS also offers its own billing services, AMS Billing. This outsourced medical billing practice uses their own medical billing software, HorizonMIS, which was specially designed by them.

Unlike other medical billing services, AMS Billing is actively involved with your medical office staff, and keeps them ultimately in control. They also provide intensive training sessions for staff, to help use the practice management software, and allow performance monitoring of each of the staff members.

Furthermore, the front office staff is connected to AMS Billing in real time, which allows them to freely use the AMS medical billing software when it's most needed. They offer real-time connection in:

  • Patient Scheduling
  • Encounter Form Printing, customized to meet your needs
  • Patient Registration
  • Charge and co-payment entry
  • Form letters and office management tools
  • Detailed and customized reports
  • File maintenance

In addition to the front office training and real time connection, AMS Billing offers a full staff of medical billing experts. Their full array of back-office functions includes:

  • Insurance filing and claims follow-up
  • Patient statements and letters
  • Pre-Collection activities
  • Data analysis
  • Financial close-outs

And last but not least, AMS Billing has integrated an artificial intelligence function into their operating systems.

Lovingly named ESTHER, she tracks and monitors your patient accounts to detect and report any issues that need to be addressed, as well as issuing warnings on patient accounts.

To sum up

AMS medical billing software packages, such as HorizonMIS and AMS Billing, build off their knowledge of the medical billing industry, to increase your profits, provide an easy-to-use system, and increase revenue.

It's an affordable, efficient, and profitable software on which your office can depend.

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