Why Become a Certified Medical Billing Specialist?

Is it worth it? Here are the benefits of becoming a certified medical billing specialist...

Being certified doesn't just mean that you have passed a difficult exam or that you're good at answering multiple choice questions. Essentially, being certified means that you're at the top of your professional game and can demand the highest pay.

What does it mean to be certified?

Being certified means you're considered an expert!

But what exactly does it mean to be a certified medical billing specialist? And just as importantly, how do you become certified?

Being certified means that you have enough experience and education in medical billing or coding to make you qualified as an expert in your field.

Becoming a medical billing or coding expert doesn't happen overnight, however. It requires many years of dedication and a critical awareness of specifics and attention to detail.

First, many people go to a professional school or organisation, and eventually end up with a billing or coding diploma or degree in health information management. But this still doesn't mean that they are certified.

Education only allows you to become qualified enough to take the certification exam. Once you have finished your formal schooling, you must become a member of your certifying organization (like the AAPC), and take the appropriate certification exam (and pass it!).

Why get certified?

You may get a large amount of personal satisfaction from being certified

Being certified not only tells your professional peers that you know what you're talking about - it tells your potential employers that you're a highly qualified employee. This means you can demand higher pay and a better job position.

Getting and maintaining billing and coding certifications is difficult, which is why they are held in such high regard.

Some employers will only hire you if you have the right certification, because they don't want to waste their time on unqualified individuals.

These employers are serious about hiring people that know what they are doing and that have the capacity to do it right. Employers are also usually willing to pay for this high level of expertise.

What are the benefits of being certified?

This brings us to the most fun part of being a certified medical billing specialist: the benefits!

  • Confidence: The first thing that you get is a little string of letters that you can attach to the end of your name.

    This may sound funny, but simply adding a comma and CPC or RHIT to the end of your last name on professional documents and identification badges immediately makes you feel more confident in your ability to do your job. This translates to better job performance and potential promotions!

  • There are lots of other benefits to being a certified medical billing specialist!

    Expertise: Getting your billing certification means that you know enough about billing, coding, and the medical industry that you can be considered an expert in the field.

    This means that you have the ability and the means to do your job well. Furthermore, the CEUs needed to keep your certification mean that you'll never fall behind and that you'll always be on the top of your game.

  • Financial Gain: You can also think of these letters as added dollar signs to the end of your name. Not only do they make you look more qualified, but they indicate a more experienced and educated staff, meaning your employer will pay more for it. The more qualified you are to do your job, the more you should get paid to do it.

  • Marketability: Being more qualified to do your job means that you have more marketable skills to sell to potential employers. You won't have to stay at your dead-end job or with your nagging boss just because you can't find a better place to work.

    After you become a certified medical billing specialist you'll find that doors which were previously closed open up for you.

The dedication, intelligence, and expertise that you needed to get your certification is reflected after you get it. More and more employers are looking for employees who have this necessary drive to succeed.

There are other ways of boosting your chances of getting employed in medical billing, or you may be interested in the different types of medical billing and coding certificates and specific advice on getting them.

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