Cheap Medical Billing Software
Overviews of Affordable Packages

We've found the most affordable and cheap medical billing software to get you up and running more easily...

If you're starting your own medical billing practice at home, it's likely that you're painfully aware of how much money it takes to get up and running.

Once you've purchased the computer and set up your home office, you'll need to buy your medical billing software. It can be one of the most expensive parts of getting started as an at-home medical biller - but it doesn't have to be.

To help keep your costs low, we've done some of the research for you and found cheap medical billing software options that can get you started sooner.

Medical billing software usually runs from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars, depending on the number of users and functionality. The programs listed on this page are much more affordable.

We'll continue to update this page as we find more and more affordable software programs.

Practice Suite Logo


PracticeSuite is a leading cloud-based Practice Management System and Electronic Health Record software suite. It's fully certified for meaningful use by ONC-ATCB for 2011-2012.

PracticeSuite works across multiple specialties, from a solo biller to a large group. It has fully integrated functions to automate the end to end workflow of a practice. It's based online, and since you can get for a monthly subscription, is ideal for those who can't afford a big investment right at the start.

Kareo Logo


Kareo is a web-based medical billing software service which has tiered pricing plans depending on your budget. The most popular package costs around $200 per month.

Depending on your plan, Kareo's features may include:

  • Electronic claim remittance
  • Printing paper claims
  • Code Scrubbings
  • Integration API
  • Patient scheduling
  • Insurance Eligibility Checks
  • Email and Phone support

Kareo's web-based setup allows you to access your files from anywhere with internet access.

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Total MD logo

Total MD

Total MD is also web-based and has several price plans. Their most popular plan costs around $499 per month. See: medical billing software prices.

Total MD has all of the same features as Kareo, but includes additional upgrades such as:

  • insurance claims modules
  • time clocks
  • credit card charge modules
  • live training.

They also offer single user pricing for solo work.

EZClaims logo


EZClaims Practice Management Software has a very low startup fee that charges based on how many claims you transmit.

This allows you to decide on a package that works for the size of your practice, and then grows with you. Some of the features include:

  • Per computer pricing
  • The ability to integrate scheduling with your practice calendar
  • Compatibility with many widely used medical insurance and claims processing vendors

EZClaims also offers phone, email and online support and training for new users or for technical difficulties.

LeonardoMD Renaissance Software

LeonardoMD Renaissance Professional Edition is a web-based practice management program that includes all aspects of practice management.

Its services include:

  • managing patient information
  • patient scheduling
  • electronic patient charts and records
  • full billing and claims functionality.

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