Top Chiropractic Medical Billing Software Packages

An overview of various chiropractic medical billing software programs...

If you work as a biller for a chiropractor or a chiropractic practice, you understand that billing for these services is unique from traditional medical billing.

Chiropractic can often be viewed as an elective or alternative treatment program. It requires more explicit accounting traditional medical procedures to get insurers to sign off.

Chiropractic Billing Made Easy

Chiropractic Billing Made Easy
If you're interested in gaining a better grip on chiropractic billing, we recommend the ebook Chiropractic Billing Made Easy. It's a guide to getting everything right, written by a very experienced mother/daughter team of medical billers. Learn more about it here.

With that in mind, there are several specific chiropractic billing software options...

  • EZ Claim is designed to be a web-based medical billing software program that provides support for repeat patients typical of chiropractic practices.

    Users have full practice management, multiple appointment follow up and the ability to process statements and claims. EZ claim can also work with electronic health records programs.

  • Chiro Quick Charts

    Chiro Quick Charts is designed to work with electronic health records billing and scheduling, patient check-ins, and all reporting.

    Chiro Quick Charts is also unique in that it lets you run the program on mobile tablet computers like the iPad and PDAs. Users can also customize their package to the size of their business.

  • ChiroTouch logo

    ChiroTouch lets you run your entire practice from this one program. You can handle patient data, scheduling, billing, electronic health records and staff management either through a web based system or on-site.

    ChiroTouch can also work with you to determine if your practice is eligible for stimulus grants to use the software.

  • Future Health logo

    Future Health is full practice management software designed to be customized to fit your individual practice.

    It works with all insurers, and helps you maintain electronic health records, billing, appointments and statements. There are also full training and data storage options available online or offline.

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Interested in learning more about this specialty? We recommend the ebook Chiropractic Billing Made Easy.

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