Finding Entry-Level Medical Billing Jobs

Entry-level medical billing jobs may require many different responsibilities than normal jobs. These responsibilities range from collecting and processing payments and handling patient complaints to answering patient questions.

You'll likely have to perform light office duties such as:

  • answering phones
  • performing receptionist duties
  • doing paperwork.

Many of these tasks involve learning the office policies and procedures. Most importantly though, you'll have to learn how to use the practice management software.

In smaller offices you might have to perform an even wider variety of duties. A basic knowledge of ICD-9 codes is a bonus (read our article to get a head start!).

Typically, medical billing job descriptions for entry-level jobs read as if the company is hiring for clerical or front office personnel. They usually don't require a degree, and you won't be managing others.

Sometimes you'll come across entry-level positions with medical billing and coding training. This allows the employer to make sure you're a good fit for the office. Before they give you more responsibilities they'll also want to make sure you're fully trained in office policies and the practice software.

No matter what you do, make sure you tailor your resume to specifically fit the job description posted by the employer (see: medical billing resumes).

Finding Entry Level Medical Billing Jobs

Your local hospital may have a job for you...

As with any job search, finding your first medical billing job is tough. But if you stick with it and keep trying new approaches you'll be rewarded. Here are some ideas...

  • Ask around healthcare facilities in your area. Practices may be looking to hire, so your presence and interest may seem like a stroke of luck to both of you!

  • The internet is a goldmine. Searching online job listings yield many available positions in your area.

  • Your local employment office is another potential lead. They can alert you when a vacancy appears in your field of interest.

  • If the above tips don't work then use networking skills to your benefit. Ask friends, neighbors, or people you meet in healthcare facilities.

By spreading the word that you're available for work and keen to learn and get started, you may be surprised at the opportunities that appear.

If you persist with a combination of these simple tips, sooner or later you'll find the entry level medical billing job you're looking for!

For more in-depth help, see finding medical billing and coding jobs.

Raising your chances

Don't give up - there are always entry-level billing jobs available

With the high amount of hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, private practices, nursing homes and insurance companies, there are always entry-level billing jobs available.

Keep in mind that starting at the bottom will also earn you a bottom-line salary. But of course the more experience and skill you gain the higher your salary will be.

The problem for a lot of entry level billers is that most companies look for experienced billers. They don't seem to be interested in college graduates or recently certified candidates.

Nevertheless, if it's your desire to work in medical billing, don't despair! Getting your medical billing degree or certification is the first step in getting a job. These definitely give you an advantage over other candidates. strongly recommends seeking certification before applying for a job, especially if you're inexperienced.

Students earn certification as proof of their competency, usually after graduating. They need to pass a certification exam, valid for one year, after which they have to re-test.

Certification shows commitment to the medical billing and coding field, and also improves income potential and opportunities for advancement.

To keep your certification valid you'll also need continuing education credits. These ensure that you'll be as educated and up-to-date as possible.

(SPONSORED LINK) Online RN to MSN programs are available for those with busy schedules and other commitments.

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