I Love Kareo!

by Linda Brady
(Chandler Physical Therapy)

We are a new Physical Therapy office and we reviewed all the options available for our billing and decided Kareo was the one we felt best about. We've never changed our mind!

We were assigned a Success Coach who was my best friend as I got started with the program. Cory was always close by with the answers and the support I needed as I learned the program and started submitting our claims. I watched the training films provided and tried to think of all the problems I might encounter so I was ready. I just didn't run into that many.

It was important for our claims to start processing and get our cash flow started and we weren't disappointed. The speed which the claims moved through the system was great and the efficiency of the overall system was not to be denied. There are check systems all through the process which help to monitor where the claims are and if you need to go back and check on something that may be coming up as a problem.

The worst thing about this program is if you don't take advantage of all the tools Kareo has provided for you. They back you up 110% and I always feel there is someone to help me with anything that may arise.

I wouldn't even consider another program now. Kareo works great for our clinic and I give a big 'Thank You' to all the Kareo staff for making my job easier.

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