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Medical Billing Basics

Medical Billing Basics
Want to learn medical billing quickly? We recommend the ebook The Basics of Medical Billing, a guide to the industry written by a mother/daughter team of billers. Learn more about it here.

Our experts' knowledge is gleaned from years and years in the industry - use it to flatten your learning curve and improve your job skills. Consider this your virtual mentor!

This step-by-step guide to the basic medical billing process shows you a typical run though.

There are many common medical billing errors, and we've listed some of them for you and described how you can avoid them.

Learn how to appeal a denied insurance claim, a skill which is almost as important as being able to submit a claim! You should also learn which supporting documentation you might need to provide to appeal a claim.

If a claim you send gets denied because of timely filing, we've created a sample appeals letter for timely filing and explained the process in this article.

You also need to be able to collect patient balances, without being rude or pushy. Click the link for our advice on being polite but firm and getting the patient to pay.

Of course, it also helps to know why claims are denied in the first place! These tips for avoiding denied and delayed claims can help.

You'll need to learn basic anatomy of the human body, and how medical terminology is constructed. These are hugely important since you'll be drawing on this medical knowledge every time you bill or code a claim - which you'll be doing often!

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Medical Billing Schools
The most effective way to learn more about billing and coding is by taking online courses.

You might also want to look for accredited colleges in your area.

The accounts receivable management guide explains the best way to manage your patient balances, which to collect first, and how to manage time frames.

You also need to learn how coordination of benefits works, and how to determine the primary payer when a patient has multiple insurance plans

Evaluation and management codes describe the physical examination components of a doctor's visit. This guide shows you which factors to consider when figuring out the level of an office visit.

Medical Specialties

These are introductions to the unique needs of billing and coding for various medical specialties, and other areas which have different requirements. These areas usually have extremely specific guidelines, and it may be worth your while specialising in one of these fields to further your career:

Dental billing

Dental billing uses a different set of codes to normal medical billing, and a different claim form, which requires much more specific and detailed information.

Physical therapy billing

Physical therapy billing has many strict rules for the type of service performed and who it was performed by - but it's potentially more profitable than regular billing. We also recommend this ebook, which has much deeper info on PT billing.

Radiation oncology billing

Radiation oncology billing and coding has many elements because of the large number different of radiation procedures which exist, and requires a good amount of expertise to interpret the right codes to bill.

Optometry billing

Ophthalmology and optometry billing: many people have to buy vision insurance separately from their normal health insurance, and so the insurance plans for eye services vary widely.

Chiropractic billing

Chiropractic billing is another area which is so specialised, it has a lot of restrictions. But it means you only have to learn a small set of codes to bill this specialty! There's also more in-depth ebook on chiropractic billing we recommend.

Podiatry billing

Podiatry billing is a tricky field, since a lot of foot services aren't covered by Medicare or general third-party health insurance plans. This article explains what's what.

Vaccine coding

Coding vaccines is deceptive - it seems easy, but there are some specific rules which may stump you now and then! Get the upshot with this short guide.

Anesthesia billing

Pain management and anaesthesia billing depends on the provider's exact qualifications, and the amount of involvement they have in the procedure. On top of that you have to distinguish between the different types of service!

DME billing

Durable medical equipment billing is for items like wheelchairs and hospital beds. These all fall under HCPCS Level II codes, and the billing specialty involves a special process which we describe in the article.

Laboratory billing

Pathology and laboratory billing involves 2 main types of lab services: diagnostic and clinical. You also have to take into account the type of laboratory. The great thing about this field is that it doesn't require a special certification!

ASC billing

Ambulatory surgery center billing isn't a medical specialty - it's billing for a special type of healthcare center, one which specialises in outpatient procedures. It's a bit like having every medical specialty rolled into one!

Mental health billing

Mental Health billing is a delicate field, since insurance companies are very strict regarding which types of mental health services they reimburse.

Filling out Forms

Here are tutorials and guides for the some of the various forms and documents you'll encounter when you learn medical billing:

A CMS 1500 form

You should become familiar with provider identifiers. This article on other provider identifiers looks at the different types of ID numbers which exist.

How is patient insurance coverage verified? And what is verification of benefits, and how does it differ?

Learn why it may pay to become an Article 28 facility, despite the strict requirements, in the article on Medical Billing and Article 28.

We also recommend the ebook The Basics of Medical Billing for getting a good grasp of the industry.

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