Linux Medical Billing Software
X-Med Practice Management Overview

A look at linux medical billing software. Learn about X-Med, the premier Linux option - could it be right for your practice?

Similar to Microsoft Windows, Linux is a computer operating system.

It was created by a Finnish software engineering student years ago, and has since become one of the most widely used operating software systems in the world.

Unlike other operating systems, Linux's users developed it further.

At the time these were NASA engineers and people working at MIT. They developed Linux because they needed an operating system that guaranteed maximum security, stability, accountability, and flexibility.

Due to its security and stability, Linux has since overtaken Microsoft Windows in many European countries and is the official operating system for Germany and Austria.

Linux medical billing software

Some medical billing software packages won't run on all operating systems. Some are made specifically for Windows, other made specifically for Macintosh, and still others are made for Linux.

X-Med was specially developed for Linux and has been around since 1995, when it was first available to the public on a large scale. It was the first Linux medical billing software package available in the United States.


X-Med takes into account Linux's many positives. Some of X-Med's benefits are based on the benefits of using the Linux platform itself:

  • Linux includes enhanced reliability, which translates into less downtime for your medical practice.
  • Furthermore, it offers a more secure environment than Windows, due to its low profile and respected reputation.
  • It's also more powerful than Windows.

X-Med capitalizes on these upsides to minimize customer downtime and the need for support, system administration, and maintenance.

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What does X-med offer?

This Linux medical billing software also has the necessary basics of most practice management software:

  • Electronic claims capability
  • Data entry filters, which help prevent mistakes and minimize claim rejections
  • Electronic confirmation of claims
  • Reporting, claim tracking, and printing tools, all of which help maximize reimbursement
  • Appointment scheduling software, which allows double-booking, prevents scheduling errors and reminds staff and patients of upcoming events
  • Superbill reconciliation prevents missed charges
  • Managed care modules, which help track referrals and prints follow-up letters

X-Med also allows users to perform multiple tasks simultaneously without interruption.

X-Med also has speech recognition technology. Using Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional Edition Medical Suite, doctors can dictate their electronic medical records rather than writing them all down or using expensive transcription services.

This alone can reduce operating expenses by ten of thousands of dollars each year!

Why choose X-Med?

X-med is specially suited to fit the needs of an internet-based electronic medical records program.

It's an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn system, which is constantly updated to meet the ever-changing needs of the medical industry, including medical billing and coding.

The software was designed to fit the needs of many types of practices, from only one physician, all the way up to the needs of multi-physician, multi-office groups. It has the ability to work on a small internal network or all the way across the globe.

The developers of X-Med created it with the philosophy that "well-written medical billing software shouldn't cost an arm and a leg". Furthermore, technical support shouldn't take all day, wasting valuable time, money, and energy.

If your office decides to run a Linux medical billing software, you may want to give X-Med a try. You just might like it.

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