Top 25 Medical Billing and Coding Articles

The best and most useful medical billing and coding articles written by the experienced professionals on We've organised them into a logical order, from learning the very basics of medical billing to setting up your own business.


The top 25 medical billing articles

What is Medical Billing? introduces you to medical billing and coding, explaining in simple terms what these fields are.

What's the Medical Coding Process?
This page explains how codes are assigned and put on a claim form.

Medical Coding Specialist Careers
Interested purely in medical coding? Here's our guide to this lucrative career.

Medical Coding Guidelines
The basic medical coding rules you have to follow to stay in line with the authorities, and how to find and learn the more complex guidelines...

Medical Billing Glossary
A large glossary of the most important medical billing and coding terms you'll need in your career.

ICD-9 Codes / ICD-10 Codes
Explanations of the codes used by medical coders, the current ICD-9 set and the soon-to-be-implemented ICD-10 set.

Learn Basic Medical Terminology
You'll need a good grasp of medical terminology to succeed in medical billing and coding - see our introduction here. This guide is one of the most popular pages on the site!

Anatomy of the Human Body
You'll also need to learn how to accurately describe all the parts of the body, and how medical terms are structured.

Medical Billing Errors
Finally, it's also important that you learn what not to do - this medical billing and coding articles describes the most common billing errors, and how to stay clear of them!


The top 25 medical billing articles

Your Medical Billing and Coding Training Options
Describes the various options you have

Medical Billing and Coding Schools
Our list of schools offering either degrees or diplomas, sorted by state. Also links to a page with online schools.

Medical Coding Class Content / Medical Billing Classes Content
Find out exactly what you'll learn in your medical billing and coding classes - knowing beforehand will definitely help your odds of passing!

Medical Billing and Coding Certificate Guide
How to get your medical billing and coding certificate, choose which one to get, and where to start...

Medical Coding Exam Preparation Guide
Recommended steps to get ready for the medical coding certification exam.

Medical Billing and Coding Software Walkthrough
Get a basic grasp of how to use medical billing software with this general tutorial.

Getting a job or starting a business

The top 25 medical billing articles

How to find Jobs in Medical Billing and Coding
Where to look to find jobs, and what to do when you find the right listing.

Fitting Your Talents to the Job Description
How to match your talents to fit a medical billing job description. Get that billing or coding job!

Write a Killer Medical Billing Resume / Sample Medical Coding Resume
A guide to writing a winning medical billing resume, and a sample of a resume someone might use to apply for a medical coding job.

Tips to Getting Medical Billing Jobs
How to raise your chances of getting employed. Our experts provide interview tips and techniques...

Starting a Medical Billing Business
The steps involved in starting your own medical billing business.

Medical Billing Software Reviews
Which software package is right for your medical billing and/or coding business?

Marketing Your Medical Billing Business
A list of tips and techniques to market your business more effectively and grow your client base.

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