Choosing a Medical Billing School - A Reader's Question

Alicia Smith from Alabama asked...

I am interested in starting a career as a medical biller/coder with the hopes of getting a certificate and certifications. I am planing on starting classes this fall at Trenholm State Technical College here in Montgomery, Al.

What advice would you have for me reaching for this goal? How would I know if this is the right school for me, and what concerns should I have and also, what questions should I ask the director of this program!

I really need some advice. I have been to several schools and have not had any luck in finding a good program that is of a short certificate nature that will give me a quality education so that I may find a job in this field!!!

I was reading the good information here I and just wanting to know if you could give me any advice!!!!

Our main concerns would be the following:

  • When you graduate, what degree or coding diploma will you have? If you don't get/can't find a job in medical billing or coding, will the medical billing degree help you get a job in a similar field?

  • Make sure you choose a program that will prepare you to take a certification exam, but ask the following: What type of certificate will they help prepare you for? Will they help you pay for it? Will they provide help studying for it?

  • How long is the program? Make sure you have enough time to complete all the course work, and you are prepared to be stressed out and busy during the classes.
  • Make sure that the certification the program is preparing you for is the right certification for you.

    For example, if you want more money once you are certified, be prepared to take the hospital or specialist certification exams. These medical employers get paid more than primary care physicians, and are thus able to pay their billing and coding staff more.

    These coding sets are much more complicated, though, so they will be more difficult to learn and master.

  • Tour the campus you are planning on attending. Eat lunch there, walk around the bookstore, and hang out for a while. If you like the energy, chances are you will like attending classes there.

  • Don't be scared to talk to some of your professors or teachers about the program. You may also have an advisor you can talk to, who can help answer more of your questions.
  • You mentioned that other schools didn't work out for you. If this program still doesn't feel right, keep looking. While you are looking, see if you can find a job in a medical office, even if it is a receptionist position.

    This will help you get the feel for the medical industry, as well as help you gain experience which will help get you hired in the future.

Advice for choosing a medical billing school

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