Medical Coding Publications
Overview of 3 Important Books

A look at useful medical billing and medical coding publications. Stay up-to-date in the industry!

Several books are published each year with updated procedures, insurance requirements, or new medical codes. Reading these publications is essential for maintaining your position as a qualified professional.

Below are the top three publications for medical billers and coders...

The ebooks published by Medical Billing Live, a mother/daughter team of experienced medical billers, are a useful source of knowledge for medical billers and coders of all levels.

The Physicians' Fee & Coding Guide

The Physicians' Fee & Coding Guide

This guide provides medical billers and coders a fee range for all CPT Codes.

The newest version of this book also includes codes through the last update.

Along with fee ranges, the guide provides medical billing and coding tips to improve your job performance. For independent medical billers and coders it's a valuable tool for understanding what your industry peers are charging and making for their work.

You'll be able to set medical billing rates and fees that reflect current industry trends more effectively and maximize your revenue.

The AMA CPT Codebook

The AMA CPT Codebook

The official CPT codebook from the American Medical Association.

It provides updates for hundreds of code changes, text changes and insurance guidelines. he reference tables compare codes and highlight the updates making it easy to learn where the new material is.

This medical coding publication also has tables to help medical billers and coders learn and understand how families of codes differ from each other, and which one to use.



The ICD-9-CM is the bible of coding professionals.

Medical coders of all levels need to reference material from the ICD-9-CM. The book includes all the new codes, all recently deleted codes, and revisions for the year the book was published.

There are full-color illustrations designed to help you choose the proper codes. Some of the most common codes have lay-descriptions for quick and easy reference.

If you're a specialty coder there are also supplementary editions of this manual for people who focus on a specific area of medicine.

Even if you aren't an independent medical biller or coder, but are affiliated with a medical practice, you'll need to know this information.

Maintaining a working knowledge of changes in your profession makes you a greater asset to your medical billing and coding team. Additionally, you may find yourself placed in positions of greater responsibility.

As an independent professional, the knowledge contained in these guides can help you keep an edge over your competition. Take the time to educate yourself and reap the benefits.

You can find these books and other useful ones at the Coding Institute online store.

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