Review of MediTouch Software

MediTouch touts itself as ...the fastest way to chart, referring to the fact that its web-based EHR system runs on iPad tablets with touch screen technology. It runs on both PC and MAC laptops, netbooks and desktop computers.

MediTouch Logo

Another of its slogans is Thinks like a doctor, referring to how the charting function mimics how most doctors were trained with paper and pen charting.

This is a fully-integrated offering that includes EHR, practice management and billing/clearinghouse applications.

Let's explore the features...


EHR/EMR features include the following:

  • Fully Integrated: EHR, Practice Management and Clearinghouse all in one; no extra fee for basic clearinghouse; clearinghouse reports integrated into PM; checks eligibility automatically before the visit; after encounter one click to create claim in PM; no claim batching.

  • No Homework: Chart at the point of care; pre-loaded phrases and data speed encounter creation.

  • Physician Dashboard: View Daily Schedule; patient insurance information; pharmacy refill alerts; patient co-pay amounts; test result alerts; patient eligibility status; high priority messages and tasks; quick link to patient charts.

  • Task and Messaging: HIPAA compliant internal messaging system; tracks conversations (gmail style); smart phone alerts; attach charts and documents; high priority show on dashboard; track the message trail (compliance); color-coded priority flags.

  • Lab: Connected to the major labs; create lab order sets (custom panels); track lab results in chart or graph format; compare 2 or more lab results and graph; create orders fast - copy as new previous lab orders.

  • Order: Order consults; order common office tests; order radiology tests; order lab tests and panels; task staff to follow up on an order; upload, free text or electronic resulting.

  • Evaluation and Management Code Assist: Estimate E/M appropriate visit level; breakdown of each component of the visit; prompt to achieve higher visit level; prevents expensive "under-coding."

  • Document Management: Upload pictures from smart phones directly to the patient chart; fax directly to the practice's document center; upload multipage, multipatient .pdfs and "file documents in the cloud."

  • Immunization Tracking: Pre-loaded with all CDC-approved vaccines; export vacccine history in Hl7 format; map vaccine history to CDC schedule; maintain vaccine inventory.

  • Ob-Gyn: Track pregnancy history; record many pre-natal findings when recording vital signs; track observations for each pre-natal visit; export the pregnancy hx & observations in standard format.

  • Dictation-Ready: Use Dragon Dictate in any text-box for complex histories and care plans.

  • Common Code, Allergy and Pharmacy Data Sets Pre-populated: Uses "quick search" technology; allergy findings are all pre-populated; all ICD and CPT codes are pre-loaded; medication database is pre-populated; customize your own superbills.

  • Toolbars and Navigation: Easy to use; simple icons for search, print and notes; follows the SOAP convention; single click access to any page.

Practice Management Features

  • Contract Management

  • Fee Schedule

  • Pre-Visit/Scheduling

  • Check In & Check Out

  • Charge Entry

  • Denial Defender Claims

  • Track Claims

  • Reject Management

  • Pre-Remittance Claim Status

  • Post & Apply Payments

  • Electronic EOB/ERA

  • Account Follow-Up

  • Patient Billing

  • Denial Management

  • Reporting & Benchmarking

The Clearinghouse/Billing application has the following features:

  • Auto-posting with EOB/ERA

  • Real-time, Instant Eligibility, Benefit, and Claim Status Data

  • Search, Print, etc.: Comprehensive claim search engine; run eligibility or real-time claim status directly from an uploaded claim; place a claim on hold if more data is required.

    Print claim in .pdf format or directly to official CMS HCFA 1500 "red" claim form; track your claim as if it were a "FedEx" package; create secondary claims and transmit uploaded secondary claims to payers; email alerts for rejected claims (HealthFusion's Claims Angel Program).

  • Comprehensive Clearinghouse Reporting: Reporting suite allows you to customize reports as well as export them in Microsoft Office Excel format.

    First pass clearinghouse - percentage of claims that are accepted upon initial submission; total rejects - the total number of rejections and their dollar value; top reject categories - the most common reject categories; reworked claims - payer-rejected claims that were re-submitted; transaction summary - overview of transactions and counts.

MediTouch is ONC-ATCB-certified, as well as Meaningful Use-certfied. It's also:

  • Surescripts-certified
  • Phase 1 CAQH CORE-certified (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare's Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange)
  • has been recognized by JD Powers as providing outstanding customer service
  • is HIPPA-compliant
  • and is also EHNAC-certified (Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission).

The website doesn't mention anything about pricing accept to call it "affordable".

It's a monthly subscription fee based on the number of providers, and includes customer support and training. Once again, no details are provided about what level of support is included, except that their support is provided by their own US-based employees.


MediTouch Report Card

(click for an explanation of the grading scale)

Area Grade
Ease of setup, learning curve, user-friendliness A
HIPPA compliance and security measures B
Up-to-date array of robust features A
Can include integrated practice management A
Can include integrated EHR/EMR A
Allows for flexible and advanced reporting A
Training, technical support and maintenance A
Certifications, awards, recommendations and reviews A
Pricing (ease of understanding, transparency, etc.) B

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