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MedLedger's website has a tag line that says "Safe, Affordable Path to Meaningful Use," indicating that their primary focus is EMR/EHR.

At first glance, it appears to be a fully integrated system. But a closer examination reveals that the missing piece is medical billing. MedLedger offers integrated practice management and electronic medical/health records, but not medical billing.

MedLedger does, however, offer its own outsourcing option of billing services for providers, taking a cut from each amount collected. MedLedger only works on a Windows operating system, which means you can only run it on Macintosh computers by installing Windows in addition to the Mac OS.

MedLedger backs up daily, Monday through Friday. The MedLedger EHR/EMR system includes the following features:

  • Clinical notes: Chart Notes uses the full formatting capabilities of a word-processor program to meet your unique formatting needs, including headers/footers, tables, bullets and more.

    Using macros allows you to store and re-use templates. This feature is compatible with Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition for dictation purposes.

  • Custom templates: The specialty templates include:

    There is no option to customize further to your practice.

  • E-prescribing: Saves phone/fax time and avoids errors, allows for auto-renewals, and has warnings about conflicting drugs.

  • Document imaging: Includes scanning, storing, modifying and printing documents and images.

  • Dashboard: Easy access to the various modules along with performance metrics.

  • Other features include:

    • Medications Form (RxNorm database)
    • patient vitals
    • allergies (LOINC Allergy Class database)
    • labs
    • immunizations
    • specimens CCR/CCD clinical orders clinical problems and treatment plans.

MedLedger's practice management application includes the following features:

  • Patient scheduling: Customization options include view (provider, location or appointment), time intervals for appointments, adding reasons for appointment and color coding for appointment types. It also includes capabilities for appointment searching, filtering and sorting, task listing, patient recall and more.

  • Patient editor: This feature combines all patient demographic, insurance and account information in one place. It includes eligibility checking and insurance summary.

  • Billing: This is really just a simple interface with Quickbooks, and isn't a fully-developed medical billing system.

  • Reporting: MedLedger offers dozens of reports in categories including management, accounting, and scheduling. It allows you to customize report parameters as well as cloning, printing, and storing reports.

MedLedger is ONT-ATCB certified, ARRA certified, is in accordance with Stage 1 Meaningful Use criteria, and is also in the Top 10 medical software services rated by

MedLedger offers free unlimited telephone support for installation. After that, it's clear they want you to help yourself using the tools provided, and using telephone support only as a last resort.


MedLedger's pricing is laid out clearly on the website: $400 per month for the first provider with each additional provider costing another $200 per month.

In addition, some of the features listed above aren't included in the standard pricing, such as e-prescribing and eligibility checking.

Those features, along with auto-posting and coding help, form a supplemental package that costs an additional $100 per provider per month. Also recall that MedLedger doesn't include medical billing, so you may have to hire its billing service which results in a percentage fee for each collection based on your specialty.

MedLedger runs its own claims clearinghouse, charging $0.40 per electronic claim and $0.40 per provider printed paper claim. MedLedger also offers statement printing and mailing, which costs $0.30 per statement in addition to first class postage.

MedLedger may be a fine solution for smaller practices, but the pricing information, although readily available (except for the billing service) is difficult to piece together from all the different fragments.

MedLedger offers fewer features than some vendors and is charging additional fees for features that other vendors include as a standard set.


MedLedger Report Card

(click for an explanation of the grading scale)

Area Grade
Ease of setup, learning curve, user-friendliness B
HIPPA compliance and security measures B
Up-to-date array of robust features C
Can include integrated practice management A
Can include integrated EHR/EMR A
Allows for flexible and advanced reporting B
Training, technical support and maintenance B
Certifications, awards, recommendations and reviews B
Pricing (ease of understanding, transparency, etc.) C


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