A Sample Medical Coding Resume

This sample medical coding resume shows you the key elements to include when applying for your first medical coding position.

Before the standard resume information listed below, be sure to include a highlights section a the top that responds directly to the job description, using the same wording the job description used.

For example, if the job description explains that the employer is looking for a certified medical biller and coder, with five years or more of experience and an expertise in Medicaid, your highlights section should include three bullet points that respond directly to these requirements.

    Telephone number:

    This section is where you should respond to the requirements of a given job description in an itemized format. This will ensure that whomever is scanning resumes can see if you are a good fit straightaway.

    This section should contain all relevant experience in reverse chronological order as far back as the last ten years.

    Use this section to highlight specific responsibilities or accomplishments that are relevant to the job posting and highlight the skills you will bring to your work. This is also a good place to highlight any specialties or areas where you have gone above and beyond to develop skills.


    Medical Coder, Mass. General Hospital - 1989-1990
    • Responsible for handling out patient coding
    • Dealt directly with Medicaid Representatives
    • Handled multiple accounts at the same time.

    Medical Coder, Dr. Shulman's Clinic - 1990-1993
    • Responsible for handling all patient coding
    • Maintained all office records and kept them up to date.
    • Coordinated patient schedules and billing.

    Use the education section to highlight what schools you attended, degrees received and also note if you were given any additional honors or awards.


    University of State, City, State - Degree, Year

    References should be primarily professional, non-relatives who have a solid understanding of your skills and work ethic.

Other things to note: resumes should be no longer than two pages maximum, and should be proofread by a professional or someone other than yourself to make sure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors.

We hope this sample medical coding resume was useful. For further information on resumes see crafting a great medical billing resume.

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